Audiovisual Live Event Production

Whether you want to promote or publicise, educate or inform, motivate or reward, we can work with you to achieve those goals; we are committed to delivering great conferences, seminars and live events.

Our Latest Equipment for Hire:

The K412 Lighting Kit is a powerful four light kit that will weather the storm. All lights have an amazing IP-24 rating. Each light has Fiilex's patented color tunable technology, so you can quickly match ambient or artificial light.

The QL5 is a compact console with large-scale capabilities.

DPA Headset D:fine Single and Dual Ear Directional Beige Microphone 

Ultra-lightweight and adjustable, d:fineTM Headset Mics ensure a secure and

comfortable fit in live performance environments.

High Definition Led Display

The Absen A3 Pro 3.9mm pixel pitch LED display is the ideal product for the live events market.

A smooth display image is achieved with a high refresh rate of =2,000Hz, ensuring fast moving content can be displayed flicker-free without ghosting or tearing.

The die cast aluminium panel is thin and lightweight, with each panel carefully created to only weigh 10kg, allowing for quick maintenance.

The A3 Pro provides high brightness (= 1,200 nit) and contrast to deliver a beautiful image. Even when brightness is reduced to 20%, it provides superior consistency.

Featured Product

Video Display High Resolution LED Display LED Display Systems Absen A3 Pro

Absen A3 Pro

  • Noise Free
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Brightness

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